Saturday, 7 June 2008

Post it!

It occurred to me the other day whilst shopping on oxford street that I have a desire to stop people buying crap, or encourage them to buy good things. This is when I came up with the iniative, 'Post It'.
'Post It' is a way of sharing your thoughts without actually having to say them.
I happened to be in Topman in the queue with Joel whilst he was purchasing a pair of rather nice jeans (which I of course chose), when I noticed an abundance of men by themselves in the queue with some very poor clothing choices. I wanted to tell a young man in front of me that the £30 he was about to part with for an awful green shirt couldv'e been better spent. However, I, not being the confrontational type, didn't. I regret this now as I'm sure with my guidance he could've made a better informed choice.
Using Post-Its as an anonymous way of advising people i feel is the way forward. No confrontation, no pressure, just you and the post-it gently guiding you to a good choice. Also in HMV I feel a man in front of me missed a trick when he picked up What's Eating Gilbert Grape (£4 - a bargain), but put it back down. I feel with an encouraging post it from a stranger, there could be one more person in the world enjoying one of Leonardo Di Caprio's first good performances.

If someone had been kind enough to warn me of the awfulness of this film with a quick note...

...then I would still have £3.
I also feel that leaving more post-its around for people could be good. Maybe Joel will finally get the message after weeks of nagging that I dislike him leaving his unecessary facial hair on the sink with a simple note.

Hopefully with my new initiative I will be more bold and helpful to society, I encourage you to do the same, whether it be making choosing wine in Sainsbury's easier or discouraging people in general from going to Burton.

Friday, 6 June 2008


It has been a while since ive posted anything, and there is no real reason for this apart from the fact i have been busy making discoveries. Lots of different discoveries, for example, musical discoveries e.g. Ratatat's new song mirando, Rigas a swedish producer, Kleerup a swedish electro person, and Lissi Dancefloor Disaster a swedish electropop duo (quite a lot of swedish things). I have also made other discoveries, like my recent need to watch crap films, ones featuring anne hathaway, and jonathan rhys meyers. I really do not know what is wrong with me. I have also discovered what my favourite flower is after joel brought me back 2 bunches of flowers whilst I was asleep and he was inebriated. One bunch being white roses, and the other bunch being Sweet Williams.

Another discovery has been the fact that i have been able to produce a shoe which I am not completely embarrassed by.

I actually tried it on and it was notably comfortable. The discoveries have been coming thick and fast lately. I 'treated' myself last week to £60 worth of food for my weekly shop, although i hadn't done anything worth rewarding. My shop included a bottle of Blossom Hill (not on offer), GU blueberry cheesecakes (not on offer) and Pink Lady apples (also not on offer) (however these 3 items did not total the £60). I dread to think how much I will spend after I hand in my project on wednesday and feel the need to celebrate actually achieving something.

I am at this moment sitting in my room revelling in the mess I have managed to create since joel went to bristol just yesterday. It really is quite an achievment. You can't really blame me though considering I have only left my room twice in the past 48 hours. I am contemplating doing some washing, however the lift can't come to my floor any more as someone has stolen the call button. This is actually funnier than it sounds as notices were put up around saying (sounding similar to a police enquiry).."If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of the missing button, or knows who took it please do not hesitate to contact reception. The button is from Germany and could take upto a month to replace." Oh how we laughed.
This has gone on far too long...

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Roller discotheque!

I'm getting quite excited, as on thursday i will be atteding an eighties themed roller discotheque! After watching 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' (with SJP), and 'Flashdance' in a girls only raucous 80's film night 2 weeks ago, we all got very excited and we wanted to break out our 80's nitemoves!

Preparation for the discotheque will include:

- A trip to Primark for legwarmers and leggings
-A pre-party where we will practice our moves (and warm up)
-Slow motion air grabs
-Running fast on the spot
-Shoulder rolls
-Getting the angles of our side pony tails correct

We have even persuaded some boys to attend!

I am also a little apprehensive as i haven't been on a pair of rollerskates for quite a long time which im sure will result in much hilarity!

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Cheese Party

(Second Cousteau fan), We had a cheese party last week and everyone that came had to bring some cheese. Although because some people were a little too generous (i.e. bringing TWO types of cheese), we had a lot left over. And unfortunately because of our lack of culinary skills with cheese there is still a lot left. Maybe like they did with butter, we could carve a giant harry potter out of the remaining dairy produce.

One more cheese ball!

I must say i have been having a brilliant day today. After my party (which in actual fact lasted 11 minutes), came to an end, i had a shower and noticed the vast quantity of knock off beauty products i own, for example: Malt and Whyte hand soap, and Herbal Extracts shampoo. The realisation of my cheapness put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. I also had another wonderful finding. Whilst watching 'How to beat the boss on Ratchet and Clank 2' on Youtube, and eating a ham and cucumber sandwich, i noticed that the bag of cheese balls i thought i had just finished had one more left in the bag! Well, how that brightened my day. I also found that a pair of beautiful shoes that i own, that fucked my heels up 2 weeks ago, no longer hurt and i can wear them again for an indefinite period of time!

First day in the log book

As it's the first day in the log book, i have decided to celebrate by hosting a small party in my bedroom which includes just me and a Craig David CD, (it will also include the little booklet from the CD which has all the lyrics). I should expect the party to go on for about 7 minutes, in which time I will have got bored by Craig David. The catering has been provided for me, and what a spread! A glass of passion fruit juice and a cereal bar. My, what a party this shall be! The party will mainly be me doing my impression of hip hop dancing in the best way a small white girl can, and also rapping, possibly mimicking a Jamaican accent if it gets crazy (which i'm sure it will). After the party I think I will have a shower as im sure I will be quite sweaty by the end of Hot Stuff (Let's Dance). I will then proceed to get dressed into my brand new waistcoat made by me! Amongst some other garments.. Anyway must get back to the party, i can't keep Craig waiting, photos coming soon!