Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Roller discotheque!

I'm getting quite excited, as on thursday i will be atteding an eighties themed roller discotheque! After watching 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' (with SJP), and 'Flashdance' in a girls only raucous 80's film night 2 weeks ago, we all got very excited and we wanted to break out our 80's nitemoves!

Preparation for the discotheque will include:

- A trip to Primark for legwarmers and leggings
-A pre-party where we will practice our moves (and warm up)
-Slow motion air grabs
-Running fast on the spot
-Shoulder rolls
-Getting the angles of our side pony tails correct

We have even persuaded some boys to attend!

I am also a little apprehensive as i haven't been on a pair of rollerskates for quite a long time which im sure will result in much hilarity!

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