Thursday, 24 January 2008

First day in the log book

As it's the first day in the log book, i have decided to celebrate by hosting a small party in my bedroom which includes just me and a Craig David CD, (it will also include the little booklet from the CD which has all the lyrics). I should expect the party to go on for about 7 minutes, in which time I will have got bored by Craig David. The catering has been provided for me, and what a spread! A glass of passion fruit juice and a cereal bar. My, what a party this shall be! The party will mainly be me doing my impression of hip hop dancing in the best way a small white girl can, and also rapping, possibly mimicking a Jamaican accent if it gets crazy (which i'm sure it will). After the party I think I will have a shower as im sure I will be quite sweaty by the end of Hot Stuff (Let's Dance). I will then proceed to get dressed into my brand new waistcoat made by me! Amongst some other garments.. Anyway must get back to the party, i can't keep Craig waiting, photos coming soon!

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