Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The smallest satsuma segment ever!

Yesterday I came across the smallest satsuma segment ever! It was amazing! And it tasted really good too although I felt a bit bad eating it.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Getting my freak on with Giles Deacon

Whilst at a discussion recently between Colin McDowell, and my favourite bespectacled charmer - Giles Deacon, I decided to pop the question. By popping the question I do not mean proposing to Giles (and yes we are on first name terms), but asking him a question I hoped he had never heard before. I am so sick, to the point of possible internal damage of generic people asking generic questions to these intelligent people like; "What inspires you?", "Who is your muse?" and other such question crimes, that I decided to be a little more bold.
As I held the microphone in my profusely sweating hands, I stood up and announced my name. It is a shame that I am so short as when I stood up, I could hardly be seen!
I began my question by saying,
"This is a slightly morbid question...", to a slight nervous laughter from him and Colin, to which I myself then nervously laughed.
"When away, would you like someone else to design under your name, or for the label to cease?"
Unfortunately, whilst trying to listen the answer, I was a bit too busy basking in the glory from Colin McDowell commenting on how extremely excellent my question was. I think the general gist was that he would like the label to cease - but more importantly, I can't be sure, but I swear in the brief moment that our eyes met above the tops of the heads in front - he fell in love with me.