Saturday, 7 June 2008

Post it!

It occurred to me the other day whilst shopping on oxford street that I have a desire to stop people buying crap, or encourage them to buy good things. This is when I came up with the iniative, 'Post It'.
'Post It' is a way of sharing your thoughts without actually having to say them.
I happened to be in Topman in the queue with Joel whilst he was purchasing a pair of rather nice jeans (which I of course chose), when I noticed an abundance of men by themselves in the queue with some very poor clothing choices. I wanted to tell a young man in front of me that the £30 he was about to part with for an awful green shirt couldv'e been better spent. However, I, not being the confrontational type, didn't. I regret this now as I'm sure with my guidance he could've made a better informed choice.
Using Post-Its as an anonymous way of advising people i feel is the way forward. No confrontation, no pressure, just you and the post-it gently guiding you to a good choice. Also in HMV I feel a man in front of me missed a trick when he picked up What's Eating Gilbert Grape (£4 - a bargain), but put it back down. I feel with an encouraging post it from a stranger, there could be one more person in the world enjoying one of Leonardo Di Caprio's first good performances.

If someone had been kind enough to warn me of the awfulness of this film with a quick note...

...then I would still have £3.
I also feel that leaving more post-its around for people could be good. Maybe Joel will finally get the message after weeks of nagging that I dislike him leaving his unecessary facial hair on the sink with a simple note.

Hopefully with my new initiative I will be more bold and helpful to society, I encourage you to do the same, whether it be making choosing wine in Sainsbury's easier or discouraging people in general from going to Burton.

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Stephen said...

I would do this, but i would feel too pushy - if people want to buy it, if they dont, it doesnt really matter to me does it?

also, if everyone bought all the same stuff the world would be boring, no freaks, no cool people, no nothing?

haha. i love this blog, i read it a lot but i have only just plucked up the courage to come out from the shadows.

nice work gino!

love, haines.