Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Where's the gruyere?

I was in Tescos the other day, frequenting the chilled, savoury snack section when I came across these two items.After thinking long and hard about about which one to buy, I decided to read the detailed product description. After reading the detailed product description, I realised something. The product information was exactly the same on both quiches, just slightly re-worded.
Now, clearly as most people know, the difference between a cheese and bacon quiche and quiche lorraine is gruyere cheese. I've decided I might write a letter to Tescos, outlining my disgust at their lack of quiche awareness. Or maybe start a petition, so that Tescos know how many people share my concern for quiche truth. If you share my concern please do not hesitate to contact me and we can have a nice discussion about the finer aspects of correct quiche making.

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cousteau-disciples-biggest-fan said...

i too have often been unnerved by the similarity of the two quiches but i truly believe that they have made two seperate names for two quiches which to all intense and purpose are the same for the simple reason that many members of the hoipoloi may not be aware of the ingredients involved in a quiche lorraine.But the thing that i cannot comprehend is the lack of one of the defining ingredients of the french masterstroke of a quiche lorraine...