Sunday, 1 February 2009

Cloud 9

It has come to my attention recently that pillows are becoming obsolete.

Joel has the worst pillows known to man. Using two sheets of paper would probably be of more use whilst trying to sleep than Joel's pillows. I have secretly been pinching Joel's flatmate's pillows when he's not there, so I can achieve a suitable night's sleep. However, this becomes a problem when Joel's flatmate is in. So as an alternative, I decided to try something a bit radical. Instead of using the traditional pillow, I used a spare single duvet. Joel said (and I quote),
"That is the worst idea I have ever heard", (this is before he tried it).
It, in fact, was the best idea I had ever heard. The fact that it moulds around you with minimal effort and you can get really entwined in it just puts it in a whole other realm. I was very pleasantly surprised, and after Joel tried it he quickly retracted his previous statement, and proceeded to nickname it 'Cloud 9'.

For anyone who feels pillows are soon to become extinct/or who have trouble sleeping , I recommend trying Cloud 9.

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