Saturday, 14 March 2009


I think I should rename by blog, because the main focus of what I write about is either directly, or indirectly related to food. I love food. My diet of late has been awful; because of having 3 deadlines all in a short period of time, I haven't really had the time to cook.
The other day I ate: - An almond croissant
- 3 slices of cold pizza
- A McDonald's cheeseburger, and then a McChicken burger
- A packet of cheese puffs

I did enjoy that day, but in photos that evening, it was evident in my tight t-shirt that I shouldn't have eaten that much, and maybe a few more fruit and vegetables and a lot less cheese wouldn't have gone amiss.

Thinking about food can distract me greatly. Whilst recently Stumbling, I came across a blog which had hundreds of pages of fantastically photographed food I was on it for ages. If you think you love food as much as me, you will enjoy it.

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