Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A new pencil sharpener and injury.

I bought a new pencil sharpener yesterday which I am really enjoying. It cost 79p. At one end there is a pencil sharpener and at the other there is a rubber! I would like to see more stationery solutions like this. Although the one problem with integrated stationery is if you lose your pencil sharpener you have also lost your rubber, and vice versa. For me I can see this becoming a problem as I am very good at losing things. However, I have quite a collection of rubbers, so I should be ok.

I have another self inflicted injury. Today I fell over in the shower and managed to crack a tile with my elbow. I am going to give blood next week, I hope I didn't catch anything from the tile.

1 comment:

left_wing_robin_hood said...

i think youre a closet goth and these 'self injuries' are actually youre form of gothic expression

thats what i think anyway