Monday, 19 January 2009

Recent injuries

I don't know whether it's because I am getting older, or whether I am just generally becoming more clumsy, but it seems recently that I have injured myself on more occasions than seems appropriate. The most recent, is something that just happened now which prompted this post.

- I was eating a pack of Chipsticks, and a little crumb fell onto my keyboard (computer keyboard, not the Casio type). Not wanting to poke the crumb further in between the keys, I thought the best thing to do was to try and inhale it into my mouth. However, I may have inhaled too hard as the crumb went to the back of my throat and consequently I choked quite significantly.

Actually I'm not entirely sure whether that would be classed as an actual injury, more of a momentary minor affliction. More recent injuries include:

- Dropping a heavy glass light onto myself in bed which almost smashed on my head.
- Almost breaking my nose whilst playing table football, (in all the excitement of scoring a goal, I smacked my nose on the corner of the table, which has caused a great deal of cartilage damage).
- Burning my fingers on a hot pan (acute blistering).
- Several times catching my shins on the corner of my bed, resulting in blood being drawn.

Notice the frequent use of 'almost', it seems I always cleverly manage to avoid sustaining more serious injuries. To this day I have never broken anything, even though when I was little I jumped out of a first floor window and landed on concrete, 'almost' broke my pelvis. A quite impressive array of injuries!

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